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This is why some houses sit vacant for a long time

This is why some houses sit vacant for a long time

Rent Is Too High - If your unit is priced correctly, it will rent. An overpriced unit may be discouraging prospective tenants from coming to view the property at all or the prospective tenants that have seen it may feel there are cheaper, comparable apartments on the market.

Neighbors - Something else to consider is how neighbors can influence the way a prospective tenant views your property. The two biggest culprits are noise and clutter.

Undesirable Features:

  • Too Many Stairs
  • Small Room Size
  • Not Enough Bathrooms
  • Location
  • Not Updated
  • No Washer and Dryer
  • Exterior Is Unappealing

You don't allow pets on the property - By allowing pets at a rental property, we have the opportunity to expand the number of potential tenants, increasing their odds of finding the best quality renters.

Inefficient Marketing - A rental listing should be syndicated to as many online outlets as possible with the help of software made for landlords and property managers. Contact Times Real Estate Group for more information.