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Keeping the property warm

Keeping the property warm

As we're into the colder, darker winter months, it's essential that your home is prepared for the challenges it will face.

So, as a tenant, what can you do?

Keeping the property warm

One of the best methods of keeping your home warm and your heating bill down is to keep the property well-insulated. Simple things such as drawing blinds and closing curtains can help stop heat from escaping from your home.

Other ways to make sure your heating is as effective as possible are to keep radiators clear from obstruction, use rugs on poorly insulated floors, and keep doors closed as much as possible.

Maintenance tips

If you're not planning on using the heating for a few days or more, it's important to turn it on for around an hour a day, as this keeps the hot water moving around the pipes and prevents pipes from freezing, and subsequently bursting, which would create a costly problem.

If you're going to be away from the property for a few days, set the heating to come on each day on a timer, or ask a family member or the landlord if they're able to go around to switch it on momentarily each day.

Bleeding radiators will ensure that they work to their full potential and don't waste energy. It is quick and easy to do; all you will need is a radiator key and a towel to stop any water from getting on the floor.